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Our Eco friendly handmade bamboo towelling drying gloves are made from high quality woven bamboo towelling and will dry your wet dog in minutes.

Bamboo fabric has a soft silky texture similar to cashmere.  Therefore, our coats and gloves will feel extremely comfortable against your dog’s skin.

Our gloves are a perfect way to dry your dog quickly, as bamboo fabric surpasses cotton in moisture absorption.  Bamboo absorbs 60% more than cotton and dries 20% quicker as it has an excellent wicking ability that pulls moisture away from your dog's skin so that it can evaporate. 

Bamboo is also known to have natural antibacterial properties, which will help eliminate the unpleasant 'wet doggy smell'.  

Bamboo towelling is highly biodegradable and sustainable making it Eco friendly, having hardly any impact on the environment.

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