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About Us

Dog & Coast is a small family run business in East Devon making beautiful handcrafted sustainable and natural dog accessories. We started out by making eco friendly natural grooming products, as our Labrador started to develop skin irritations.  However, we soon realised that there wasn’t many eco friendly dog products available.  So we gradually started to offer more and more products to our range.

I am a proud owner of 2 dogs myself, a Border Collie (the handsome chap in the main picture) and a Labrador (the cheeky, but beautiful lady also in the main picture).

We are passionate about making products that you and your dog will love and pride ourselves on making top quality handcrafted products made to last!

How the shampoo bars began 

I’ve been making soap for many years now, mainly for personal use, but also for family and friends too.  I love making soap and I get great satisfaction from formulating a recipe, making tweaks until I’m completely satisfied, then being able to use the finished product – my beautiful creation!  Plus it enables me to know exactly what I’m putting on my skin and being able to avoid using harsh chemicals on my skin.  I was satisfied having my soap making hobby.

However, it wasn’t until my dog started to develop skin irritations that I started to look into the grooming products that I used.   After some research I discovered that there is no legislation around making and manufacturing dog soaps, I couldn't quite believe it. 

Having no legislation means there is no requirement to list ingredients or even control what ingredients are used in grooming products for dogs.  This was when my mission began.  I started to formulate recipes that were cleansing and moisturising whilst also being able to repel biting insects.  My mission was to start making soaps that were kind and gentle to a dog’s skin with no harsh chemicals that were also Eco friendly.  I have continued with this mission and I will continue to do so!

How the collars and leads began 

When I looked into natural, sustainable choices for dog leads and collars, rope was an obvious choice for me as rope work has always been an interest of mine, so I knew rope leads were what I was going  to do. I must admit, I don’t make the cork collars and leads - it’s my mum!  Before retiring she worked as a machinist.  Therefore, when I wanted to start making the collars and leads, my mum was the only person I would trust to  make them.  She is a very talented lady and I’m so pleased she offered to help.